Meet the low cost companies to make internal flights in the United States


Southwest, low cost airline in the United States

One of the great advantages you find when it comes to plan a trip through the United States it's the ease with which you can do the internal flights, which helps you travel the huge distances that sometimes separate two different destinations you want to visit.

In you trip to the United States you will find several low cost airlines They will offer you really interesting prices.

In addition, the United States low cost companies they offer you a quality of service that has nothing to do with the low level of European companies, whose biggest expose is, without a doubt, the Irish Rynair.

Therefore a good option to make from Europe a flight to the east coast of the United States, to airports such as New York or Boston, and then cross west on an internal flight of a company low cost.

It is more, in surveys conducted among users of airlines in the United States, several low cost They stand by their quality of service above traditional companies, such as American or Delta.

Best low cost in the United States

The best rated company in the satisfaction ranking between users made in 2010 is Jetblue, low cost with main base in New York, in the airport Kennedy JFK. With Jetblue From New York you have direct flights to numerous destinations on the west coast, Florida and the Caribbean.

In second place Southwest, What is it the largest airline in the United Statess by number of domestic passengers transported. Precisely in 201oSouthwest I buy Air tran, another of the companies low cost from the United States.

The resulting company moved more than one hundred million passengers a year from more than one hundred airports in the United States and nearby countries, with a fleet of 700 aircraft, data that give an idea of ​​the importance of this merger. SingleSouthwest I already had one of the largest fleets of planes in the world.

southwest Airlines It is based in Dallas, Texas, and with this company you can fly from New York to the west coast by stopping at an intermediate airport, such as Houston or Atlanta. Then on the west coast you have a wide offer of direct flights between the main cities.

Cited Air tran It is based in Atlanta, one of the airports with the highest traffic in the United States, and allows you to fly at a very cheap price from coast to coast, yes, stopping at that airport.

Finally, the list is completed withSpirit another company low cost with interesting prices and, in addition, with links many cities in South America.

Airlines for internal flights in the United States

- JetBlue

- Southwest

- Air Tran

- Spirit

Delta Airlines

US Airways

- United Airlines

- Frontier Airlines